We connect brands, consumers and nonprofits in advertising


RAd (Responsible Advertising) is a digital advertising concept that connects brands, consumers and nonprofits in a way that benefits all. By connecting NGOs to brands in their advertising we can promote good causes, improve a brand's social responsibility and allow consumers to turn their time and clicks into money that helps support the causes they care about. With RAd we aim to promote responsible and more efficient advertising and contribute to a better society, one RAd at a time.

When I'm shopping I want to feel good about my purchases. That's why I will never go for brands accused of doing something sinister.

- Hanne Østeby, Accountant at M'Labs

Case Study

Within RAd we deliver innovative campaigns and advertising formats that allows brands to achieve their CSR strategy in new and interesting ways.

One such example is Orkla’s Vitaminbjørner campaign in TV2 WebTV. Within this campaign, we delivered over 120% increase in video completion rates, while fundraising thousands of kroner for the charity Sykehusklovnene. Based on user-centered design insights, we developed a "donate-per-view" video format which allowed consumers to support Sykehusklovnene through its ad viewership.

RAd campaign flow
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Vision & Approach

Our goal is to improve digital advertising for both consumers and brands while contributing to a better society.

We make use of the principles of Design Thinking and Lean Startup to explore new ways of dealing with disruptive trends, ideate new concepts and manage the execution of them. We aim to work together with the best brands in Norway in order to contribute to high business ROI and improve their social responsibility.

We work actively and closely with NGOs, both locally and internationally, with a special focus on social inclusion and children. We have for example established a strong partnership with Eurochild, a network of organisations in Europe working under the United Nation’s Convention on the Rights of the Child.